Word Villas game

Word Villas is a top 1 word game on iOS. It is developed by a game studio called Oak Technology. Is was published on July 2019 and climbed to the top games list quickly. There are about 2 millions players installed the game so far.

Word Villas is a simple but addictive game which challenges you to resolve many crossword puzzles. Completing a puzzle would give you a star point. You can use these star points to do a quest action which would reward you an item for decorating or fixing your Villas. When playing a level, if you can get many correct answers in a row (finish a combo), you would be rewarded 20 flowers. You can use these flowers to exchange special items.

Sometimes there are special events. In these events, you can get some special items to decorate your Villas. Some event in the pass including: Halloween, Daily Quest, etc.

You can spend money to buy some package in the game including coins, tickets, and hints. You can use coins to buy hints, use hints to help resolving the questions, use Tickets to unlock items.

Get stuck in game?

As many other crossword games, some levels in Word Villas might be too hard for you. Beside of using some item in-game to resolve the puzzles, there are many websites containing the answers. You can check one of them here: Word Villas Answers

Thanksgiving Event

Word Villas runs a special event: Thanksgiving in 5 days from 24 November to 29 November. There are 60 special levels for this event. By completing these levels, you can get many amazing decorations for the Thanksgiving party. You can also collect the feathers when playing the normal levels (not the special levels in the event section) to exchange food for the party.

If you need answers of the Thanksgiving questions, you can check it here: Word Villas Thanksgiving answers

Word Villas is an addictive and very interesting game. Enjoy it!